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Monja Coen

Buddhist Nun, Writer and Speaker

Born in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, in 1947. She was a professional journalist in her youth, having been a reporter for Jornal da Tarde, part of the news agency, O Estado de São Paulo S.A.- one of the largest news agencies in Brazil. In the 1970s, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she worked as a local employee of Banco do Brasil S.A. At that time, she began regular zazen practices at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

She became a resident of the Los Angeles community and made monastic vows on January 14, 1983. The same year, in October, she entered the Nagoya Women's Monastery, Aichi Senmon Nisodo and Toku Betsu Nisodo, where she resided for eight years, having graduated as a special nun (Tokuso), qualified to be a teacher of the Buddhist Dharma of monks, nuns, laymen and laity. During her training at the Nagoya Monastery she was the first Shusso in the history of the Female Monastery, under the guidance of Abbess Aoyama Shundo Docho Roshi. She practiced as Tokuso (special nun) for three years at both the Nagoya Monastery and a special Soto Shu tradition for monastery teachers. She received the Dharma Transmission from the Reverend Yogo Suigan Roshi, then abbot of the Saijoji Monastery in Daiyuzan, Odawara and deputy superior abbot of the Sojiji Sede Monastery in Tsurumi, Yokohama. It was her master of transmission, Yogo Roshi, who gave her the name of the temple to be constituted in Brazil: Tenzui Zenji- Zen Temple Follower of the Sky, of the Imam. Therefore, the Reverend Yogo Roshi, Zengetsu Suigan Daiosho is considered the Founder of the current Taikozan Tenzui Zenji Temple in Sao Paulo. Together with Reverend Koun Taizan Hakuyu Daiosho (Maezumi Roshi) and Reverend Kakuzen Shundo Daiosho (Aoyama Roshi) – her three masters: of Transmission, Ordering and Monastic Training.


Happiness and Spirituality: interdependence and impermanence

Fernanda Gentil

Journalist, former presenter of Esporte Espetacular TV Show and Writer

Fernanda Gentil used to be a sports journalist and was considered to be one of the greatest sports celebrities in Brazil due to her work as a reporter and presenter of sports programs at Rede Globo TV Network. She was for many years in charge of the "Esporte Espetacular", together with journalist Felipe Andreoli. At Radio Globo, she was part of the “Convocadas” program, featuring feminist soccer reporters. She has participated in Esporte Interativo, SportTV and Globo Esporte, and since 2010 she has been featured in important events such as the Confederations Cup and the World Cup. She has also earned major awards such as the Professional of the Year and the Sports Personality Extra Award. In 2019, Fernanda Gentil left the Esporte Espetacular to dedicate herself to the Globo Entertainment and to her personal projects, such as the play and lecture, of the same title: No Frills.


No Frills

Luiz Felipe Pondé

Philosopher, Author and Folha de São Paulo Columnist

Philosopher, writer and Brazilian essayist. PhD in Philosophy from the University of Paris and FFLCH from USP, postdoctoral degree from Tel Aviv University. Author of approximately 20 books and columnist for Folha de São Paulo.


Anxiety Age

Marcos Piangers

#1 Best-selling author at Amazon and speaker

Marcos Piangers is the author of the best seller Dad is Cool, with more than 300 thousand books sold and released in Portugal, Spain, England and the USA. He specializes in new technologies, creativity, innovation and is one of the greatest references in fatherhood in the country. He has spoken at the biggest national events and companies, as well as being a four-time speaker at TED, the largest conference of ideas in the world. His videos have already surpassed the 370 million mark and he has 3.5 million fans on Facebook.


Dad is Cool

Susan Andrews

Harvard Anthropologist, Ph.D. in Transnational Psychology and Co-coordinator of Future Vision Institute – Biopsychology

Dr. Susan Andrews is a psychologist and anthropologist from Harvard University (USA), Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from Greenwich University (USA) and coordinator of the Future Vision Institute in Porangaba, SP, where she has developed and been teaching the Biopsychology Course, a set of techniques that combine ancient Eastern wisdom with the most modern approaches to neuroscience and mind-body medicine. Dr. Andrews is the founder of educational programs such as EduCoração and the Transforma Escola Program. She trains facilitators in wellness and personal development programs, including educators, organizations, universities, and public health. She has been a columnist for Época e Época Negócios magazine and has authored more than 12 books (translated into more than 10 languages) including "The Science of Being Happy", "Stress in Your Favor"; and "For a Life of Truth" (Ágora Publishing House). She is the coordinator of the Center for Integrative Medicine of the Mind-Body Medicine School of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP) and the founder of the REDEMED (Stress Reduction and Empathy in Medicine) program, where she teaches medical students, physicians and health professionals at FMUSP and Hospital das Clínicas.


The Neuroscience of Happiness - Myths and Truths

Maria Sirois

Psy.D., Author, International Speaker

Maria Sirois is a professor of Positive Psychology at the Wholebeing Institute in the United States and in Brazil as well as an international speaker and author. With a vast experience in psychology and positive psychology, and international consulting, Maria has become one of the biggest specialists in resilience and authenticity in the world. Known for her wisdom, authenticity and rampant humor, Maria brings a depth of experience in personal and leadership development for corporate and non‐profit professionals, as well as individuals in general. Her work focuses on building capacity and engagement around chronic stressors such as conflicting goals, difficult conversations, unrealistic expectations and moments of failure - using such moments to leverage sustained positive shifts in perspective and ability. She is certified in Appreciative Inquiry by the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College, where she also serves as a consultant. She is the author of two books: " A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (and Other Dark, Difficult Times)" and " Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith and Resilience From Children Facing Illness".


Building resistance: lessons in positive psychology

Jorge Trevisol

Theologian and one of the most sought-after names in the 2017 and 2018 Summits

Jorge Trevisol is trained in philosophy, theology and psychology. He holds master's degrees in psychology and spirituality from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome - Italy. He holds a PhD in Education from the PUC of Porto Alegre. He is a psychotherapist, speaker, writer, singer and composer. He wrote Love, Mysticism and Anguish; The human re-enchantment; Transpersonal Education; The awakening of Attention; Secrets of Interiority; Labyrinths of the Soul and The Original Wound. He has CDs recorded on themes related to the psychology of the depth and spirituality and also transpersonal view of life.

Professor of the International University of Peace in the area of Education and Consciousness.

Professor at the Faculdade Cesf of Farroupilha in the area of teacher education and is a teacher trainer for FEMA in Santa Rosa. He currently lives in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul where he and his wife coordinate the Holoikos Center for Whole Education.


Synchronicity, Mindfulness and Happiness

Howard Martin

Co-founder of institute HeartMath in the U.S.

“The doorway to fulfillment is in your heart. When you use your heart intelligence to shift perception and direct the flow of your emotions, you have the ability to generate and magnetize your own fulfillment. The longing stops and is replaced by appreciation.”

The HeartMath Solution, Doc Childre and Howard Martin

A message from Howard:
For the last 25 years, I have had the privilege of talking about HeartMath, a system / organization that consists of science, techniques and cutting-edge technology designed to help create a more heart-connected world. I have been fortunate to have traveled the world and spoken to tens of thousands of people on five continents. I am motivated to speak and to be interviewed because I want people living in these extraordinary times to have more self-security, better health and success and ... so together, we can create a more harmonious world. I hope to meet you at the IV International Happiness Summit.
Howard Martin is a lecturer, author of several books on heart intelligence, Executive Vice-President of the HeartMath Institute in the USA, leading cutting-edge scientific studies on the heart and its multiple functions. At the HeartMath Institute is a member of the Global Coherence Initiative Committee.
Heart intelligence, connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart provides a new, high definition picture of the energetic heart as a unifying, creative, intuitive intelligence that we can learn to draw on for moment to moment guidance. Heart intelligence links the physical heart to the spiritual (energetic) heart. Through its extensive communication with the brain and body, the heart is intimately involved in how we think, feel, and respond to the world. In lectures, Howard Martin provides simple information and practices to access our intuitive heart orientation to connect with our higher choices for better results.


Heart Intelligence - The Path to Happiness

Jairo Bouer

Psychiatrist, author of 11 books and collaborator of several news agencies and television programs

He is a psychiatrist and a graduate of the USP School of Medicine and the Institute of Psychiatry at the Hospital das Clínicas, USP, and a biologist from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). Master of Human Evolution and Behavior, Department of Anthropology, University College London (UCL). He has worked with communication for 25 years, focusing on prevention, health and sexuality. He has collaborated with media outlets such as Folha de S.Paulo, São Paulo State, Época Magazine, Rede Globo, MTV, TV Cultura, Futura Channel, CBN, Jovem Pan FM, among others. Currently he is a collaborator of UOL, Canal Futura, Rede Atlântida (RS and SC), 89 FM (SP) and the `Programa Encontro´ with Fatima Bernardes (Rede Globo). He is present in Social media on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and the website Author of 11 books and audio books.


Health and well-being and the relationship with anxiety, depression and stress

Ana Beatriz Barbosa Silva

Medical Doctor, member of the Academy of Sciences of New York, author of several bestsellers.

Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Ana Beatriz is a writer, sees patients at her office, delivers lectures at conferences, acts as a consultant and gives interviews in various media on different topics of human behavior. Medical Doctor graduated from UERJ with a degree in psychiatry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Member of the Academy of Sciences of New York. Assessment Course and Treatment in Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Chicago Hospitals. Professor Honoris Causa by UniFMU (SP). President of AEDDA - Association for the Studies of Attention Deficit Disorder (SP). Since 2009 she has been a Consultant for the `Mais Você` TV Show (Globo TV Network), in matters related to human behavior and the for the ´Sem Censura` TV Show, since 1996 (TV Brasil). She is the author of the anti-bullying booklet of the National Justice Council (CNJ). Author of the books Dangerous Minds: the psychopath lives next door, Depressive Minds: the three dimensions of the disease of the century, Anxious Minds: Our daily fear and anxiety, among others.


Health and well-being and the relationship with anxiety, depression and stress

Edmilson Fabbri

Physician, Philosopher, Creator of Stressclin - dealing with prevention and treatment of stress

Edmilson is a doctor and Master in the area of ​​digestive surgery. Over the years he often did not get the expected result in a treatment, even using the best medicines. He concluded that in addition to the digestive tract, there was a person with deeper pains and anguish and the physical problem in the digestive tract was only the tip of the iceberg. In order to integrate and deepen his knowledge of the human being, he undertook postgraduate studies in Pedagogy in Systemic Neuro-linguistic Programming and pursued a degree in philosophy. He could then see that the cause of the physical problems presented by the patients was stress. He then had the idea of ​​a clinic in partnership with professionals who had the same holistic vision of the patient. He then created Stressclin, an integrated stress prevention and treatment clinic aimed at a deeper understanding of the human being.

Panel Mediator:

Health and well-being and the relationship with anxiety, depression and stress

Maria Marta

Inspiring speaker from the state of Alagoas, who has experienced hunger in her life and today is dedicated to the development of her people.

Maria Marta is an inspiring speaker form the Alagoas state, in Brazil, who experienced hunger in her life and today is dedicated to the development of her people, leading the Tamo Junto Institute and the ´Peixe-Boi´ Preservation Association. Born in the agreste, an arid area in the Northeast of the country, she found in the Ecological Route of Miracles the place to develop her life mission by helping to sustainably develop her people through education and encouraging the love of nature in order to the preserve the biodiversity and beauty of ´Milagres´.


Speak to Release: the courage to use your story to be free and to inspire

Roberto Crema

Master in Human and Social Sciences, Dean of the International University of Peace

Psychologist, Anthropologist and Master in Human and Social Sciences by the University of Paris. Graduate of several humanistic and transpersonal schools, creator of the Transactional Synthesis approach - an Ecology of Being, from the perspective of a fifth force in therapy. General Coordinator of the First International Holistic Congress (1987), which promoted the creation of the International Peace University - UNIPAZ. Started the ´Fundação Holistica de Base´ in Brazil, based on the transdisciplinary approach (1989) and the International College of Therapists (1992), which he coordinated for twenty years. Honorary member of the Luso-Brazilian Association of Transpersonal - ALUBRAT, Fellowship of the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland). Dean of the International University of Peace - UNIPAZ Network. Author and co-author of more than 30 books.


Happiness and the achievable Utopia of Wholeness

Kaká Werá

Writer and environmental activist of Tapuia indigenous origin and founder of the Arapoty Institute

Kaká Werá is an educator, psychotherapist, social entrepreneur, writer and activist in the area of human rights and ecology. He specialized in the millennial knowledge of the Tupy tradition. His focus is the development of the Self, individually and in community. In the last 25 years he has been awarded different prizes and his work recognized by institutions such as: the UN, UNESCO, ASHOKA SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS, LEMMON FOUNDATION, RAPS (SUSTAINABILITY POLICY SUPPORT NETWORK) and has traveled to several countries leading seminars and delivering lectures, among them: India, England, the United States and France.


Happiness and the achievable Utopia of Wholeness

Lia Diskin

Co-founder of Palas Athena and coordinator of Dalai Lama's visits to Brazil

Journalism graduate with specialization in Literary Criticism by the Superior Institute of Journalism José Hernandez, of Buenos Aires. She studied the Upanishads at the Vedanta Society in Uttar Pradesh, India. She specialized in the philosophers Nagarjuna and Kamala Shila at the Center for Tibetan Studies of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala, India. Coordinator of the visits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Brazil. She is the recipient of numerous awards, among them: the Prize for her contribution in the area of ​​Human Rights and Culture of Peace received in commemoration of the 60 years of UNESCO; the Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation International Award from India for her contribution to the promotion of Gandhian values; the Transform Transformers Award 2010. Co-founder of the Palas Athena Association. Lecturer and founder of numerous socio-educational programs in Brazil and abroad. Editor of more than 50 books by renowned authors, author and coauthor of a dozen books, the most recent being: "Vamos Ubuntar? An Invitation to Cultivate Peace "(UNESCO) and "Culture of Peace - Networks of Coexistence "(SENAC). Coordinator of the Culture of Peace Committee, a Pallas Athena and UNESCO partnership. Board Member of the Sarvodaya International Trust and member of the Board of Directors since January 2012.


Happiness and the achievable Utopia of Wholeness

Gustavo Arns

Founder and organizer of the International Happiness Summit

Gustavo Arns de Oliveira is the founder and organizer of the International Happiness Summit - an event held annually in Curitiba that attracts thousands of people from all over Brazil. He is the founder of the Brazilian School of Holistic Sciences - Association that promotes events in the area of ​​self-knowledge. He is also the founder of the Festival of Happiness - a free event of art, culture and gastronomy aimed at promoting reflection on well-being and happiness. Gustavo is the coordinator of GBA Felicidade - transforming people and organizations - ISAE / FGV and professor at Positivo University. Professor of the specialization course in Positive Psychology at PUC-RS. He is a visiting professor at the Wholebeing Institute. Speaker who has worked in companies such as Exxon Mobil, VOLVO, Br Malls, BRDE, Great Place to Work, ABRH among others, as well as in several Universities. He has a Coaching background and advises companies that are interested in implementing practices related to happiness and well-being in the workplace. He has a Quantum Activist degree delivered by physicist Amit Goswami, PhD. He is a graduate of the Schumacher School of Holistic Science and Economics for Transition and a student at HSA - Happiness Studies Academy. Instructor of the Mind Ronin method.

Panel Mediator:

Happiness and the achievable Utopia of Wholeness

Flora Victoria

Founder of SBCoaching, assigned Ambassador of Positive Psychology in Brazil by its founder, Martin Seligman

Founder of the Brazilian Coaching Society, president of SBCOACHING Training ™. She has trained thousands of coaches. She is the only Master Coach in Applied Positive Psychology - University of Pennsylvania, in the country. Flora is considered an ambassador of the science in Brazil by its founder, Martin Seligman, and has been assigned ambassador of the World Happiness Summit ™ in Brazil. A pioneer in conducting research projects and scientific proof of coaching in the country, Flora has contributed to consolidate the credibility of this process in the world. She holds academic degrees and specializations in the areas of Corporate Governance, Harvard Business School; MBA- FGV; Marketing-ESPM and Technology- USCS.


How Positive Psychology Can Help in Physical Well-Being and Human Flourishing

Daniel Almeida

Director of Research and Development for Holistic Training and Specialist in Quality of Life

Specialization in Physical Education and Quality of Life. Chiropractic method Matheus de Souza. Reichian Body Therapy and Orgone Therapy. Co-founder and Master Trainer of the Holistic Training System - Vibe Class Franchises. Holistic Training Director of Research and Development. Massage therapist. Co-creator of the Thai Energy Massage method and Thai Energy Class. He has Facilitated courses in Brazil since 2008. Partner-founder of the company Pawo Ginástica Laboral Ltda. He has been working with Functional Training on vibratory platform since 2005. Instructor of the Mind Ronin method.


Ronin Mind

Flavio Passos

Health researcher, founder of Pura Vida, and host of the program: Eat well, what's wrong about it? Sony channel

Flávio Passos is a Researcher and TV Presenter of Health and Food and founder of Puravida, special organic food company. For the last 15 years he has been delivering lectures, facilitating courses and presenting TV programs about the knowledge and tools to practice a healthy and constructive lifestyle. He is a father and a husband, and enjoys traveling to different landscapes around the planet.


Health is Happiness

Guilherme Krauss

Founder of Humans at Work and The Great School. Author of the book "Every Monday is a Small New Year´s eve"

Founder of Humans at Work - Behavioral and Happiness Work Consultancy, Co-Founder and General Director of A Grande Escola - School of Things Not Learned at School, Professor, Researcher and Lecturer on matters related to balance and achievement, serving clients such as Renault, Telefonica, BRMalls, Electrolux, Grupo Boticário and FIAT. Innovation and advertising executive awarded in national and international festivals. He is the author of the books "Productive Life - Invest your time in building a fulfilling life", launched in 2017 at the II International Happiness Summit and "Every Second is a Small New Year´s eve", launched in 2018. Mastermind of the Human Happiness Index - Happiness at Work, a study that measures and monitors the development of employee happiness in all regions of the country.


Circuit of Happiness - Activities to raise your level of happiness in real time.

Marcelo Cardoso

Ex diretor da Natura, consultor da MetaIntegral (Califórnia)

Mini bio Marcelo Cardoso é administrador com extensão pela Kellog Northwestern e vem ocupando posições de liderança ao longo dos últimos 25 anos em empresas como Método Engenharia, GP Investimentos onde foi presidente do Hopi-Hari, DBM LHH, Natura e Fleury. Hoje atua em sua própria organização, a Chie, que entre outras iniciativas lidera um programa internacional em consultoria e facilitação em parceira com a MetaIntegral de São Francisco - Califórnia. Marcelo acredita que a evolução das pessoas, nutrindo relações profundas e significativas transformam as organizações e a sociedade. Tendo visitado o Butão duas vezes entre as diferentes iniciativas de implementar o FIB em organizações e contextos onde esteve envolvido, Marcelo tem uma visão e experiência única das possibilidades e desafios do bem estar nas organizações e nas relações das pessoas com o trabalho.


Como tornar a sua empresa um lugar para Ser Humano.

James Marins

Autor e Doutor em direito do estadom, é co-fundador do insituto legado de empreendedorismo social.

James Marins é autor do livro A Era do Impacto, que trata do Movimento Transformador Massivo que nasce da intersecção entre liberdade, empreendedorismo social e evolução consciencial da humanidade. Foi professor visitante na Universitat de Barcelona, na Espanha, Doutor em Direito do Estado pela PUC-SP, escreveu diversos livros e de mais de uma centena de artigos científicos. Atuando como mobilizador do ecossistema de empreendedorismo social, é co-fundador do Instituto Legado de Empreendedorismo Social, investidor social, investidor anjo e mentor de diversas iniciativas de impacto. Velejador oceânico com mais de 25 mil milhas navegadas, encontra no mar e nas longas travessias seu ambiente de inspiração.


A era do impacto